The Center in Paris is the University of Chicago's research and teaching arm in Europe, an intellectual community of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students representing our traditionally strong ties to European thought and culture. The Center is located in the 13th arrondissement, between the newly expanded campus of the University of Paris VII and the French National Library.

UChicago to build expanded Center in Paris designed by Studio Gang

The University of Chicago will expand its presence in Paris through the construction of a new building designed by Studio Gang, growing opportunities for education, research and scholarly engagement across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Undergraduate Courses

Cinema & Media Studies

The College’s Winter Cinema and Media Studies program in Paris provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore the study of film and related media at the University of Chicago’s Center in Paris.


In light of recent events in Hong Kong and the potential impact on security, housing, and transportation, the University of Chicago will be relocating the Winter 2020 Hong Kong Economics program to its Center in Paris.

European Civilization

The College’s European Civilization in Paris program, taught in English, is devoted to a study of the history of Europe with some emphasis on France.

Global Health

The Global Health in Paris program will feature a sequence of three courses focused on epidemiology, microbiology, and the broader social, political, and economic forces that shape global health issues.

Social Sciences - Urbanism

The College’s new Urbanism sequence in Paris provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to conduct a multidisciplinary study of the dynamism of cities.

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