Research Residency Program

The University of Chicago invites its faculty, graduate students, and alumni interested in conducting research in Paris to apply for research residency at the Center in Paris.

Residents do not receive monetary stipends, but they do have access to resources provided by the Center and become part of a research community that benefits from formal and informal opportunities to share their work.

Residency is normally one quarter in duration, although residency requests for up to three consecutive quarters will be considered. Offices are assigned according to need and availability and some residents may share office space.

Application Instructions for Research Residents

In addition to the application form, candidates should attach a CV and a one-page summary of the research that would be conducted during their residency.

  • Graduate students should include a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.
  • Faculty members should include signatures from their respective Department Chair(s) and Divisional Master(s) if fellowship tenure is during a quarter that they are in residence in Chicago.

Start the Application Process Now.

For additional information or questions, please contact Dan Bertsche at or (773) 702-3662.