Paris Pre-Orientation Program

On August 27, the Center in Paris will welcome a small group of students from the Class of 2021 for a two-week Paris Pre-Orientation Program.

The 2017 Paris Pre-Orientation Program will focus on the art and film of Paris—from an examination of the city as it is depicted on screen to an exploration of contemporary art and its exhibition throughout the city. Participating students will study with UChicago professors Dominique Bluher and D. N. Rodowick of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies. Professor Bluher will offer a course titled “Paris On Screen,” which will focus on the ways Paris is portrayed in French film, and Professor Rodowick will teach “Contemporary Art in Paris,” in which students will learn about the institutions and contexts for exhibiting contemporary international art in Paris. Excursions in and around the city will feature important sites of artistic expression as well as cultural landmarks.

Read course descriptions below:

“Paris On Screen”
August 28–September 1, 2017
Professor Dominique Bluher

In this course we will watch significant films from the French New Wave up to the contemporary period that take place in Paris. We will seek to understand how the image of Paris has been figured, in both real and imaginary ways, in narrative cinema. Classroom discussion will provide a critical framework with readings and screenings. Excursions to significant sites will bring your classroom discussions to life in and around the city.

“Contemporary Art in Paris”
September 4–8, 2017
Professor D. N. Rodowick

In this class, we will explore important institutions and contexts for exhibiting contemporary international art in the city of Paris, from national museums to arts foundations, galleries, artist studios, and alternative spaces and artists’ “squats.” Of special interest will be how different architectures and spaces of installation affect our reception and understanding of art. Possible field trips include the Palais de Tokyo: Site de Création Contemporaine, the Jeu de Paume, and La Maison Rouge, as well as visits to galleries and independent art spaces.

All photos by Yuliya Tsutserova