Graduate Student Workshops

Graduate Student Workshops at the Center in Paris are a convivial and lively forum that meets bimonthly. They provide advanced graduate students, faculty, and outside scholars from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences with the opportunity to share and discuss their current research.

Faculty Sponsor, 2019-20

  • Professor Nadine Moeller (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

Student Coordinators

  • Andrew Burlingame (NELC) and Pelle Olsen (NELC)

For further information, or if you wish to be included on the mailing list, please contact Andrew Burlingame and Pelle Olsen.

2019-20 Workshops

Friday, November 8th - 16h-18h
- Nora Lambert (Art History, University of Chicago): “Late Medieval and Renaissance Naples at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean”
- Auderic Maret (Ph.D., Research Associate, Centre Norbert Elias – EHESS): “King René’s Wings: Birds and Aviaries in Provence between 1471 and 1480”

Thursday, November 21st - 16h-18h
- Saadia Mirza (Anthropology, University of Chicago): "Sensing Landscape"

Thursday, December 5th - 16h-18h
- Jennifer Timmons (History, University of Chicago)

Thursday, December 12th - 16h-18h
- Aurore Spiers (Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago)