Visualizing Structure: Formalism, Abstraction, Representation, Science

Tuesday 9 June at 9:00 at the University of Chicago, Center in Paris, 6 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris

Organized by Michael Rossi (University of Chicago)

with Charlotte Bigg, (CNRS) ""Diagrams in the history of science"

Loic Charles (INED, Paris VIII) et Yann Giraud (Cergy-Pontoise), "The Representation of Social and Economic Knowledge in Science Museums in Europe and the United States (1903 - 1940): Utopia in the Age of Nationalism"

Ian Gray (Sciences Po) Tentative title: "Visualizing the Structure and Organizational life of the IPCC" 

Judith Kaplan (Max Planck Berlin), "Seeing the forest and the trees: on the simultaneous visualization of horizontal and vertical transmission in historical linguistics"

Michael Rossi (U Chicago), "The Sphere and its Discontents, or, the Shape of Color Space"