Paris-Chicago Conference on Ambiguity of Neural Representations Mediating Perception

21-22 June, 2018

The aim of the conference is to gather true experts in related fields to present recent work and to learn about others' research on the neural underpinnings of behavior and conscious experience. The organization of the meeting is designed to facilitate interactions among the small number of participants, who are encouraged to contribute actively in a workshop-style format. To that end, time is allotted after each presentation for questions and discussion. By the end of the conference, we hope you will have a deeper understanding of research in allied fields and also gain useful feedback about your own work. Thanks to all of the speakers for providing their lectures, expertise and inquisitiveness to the sessions.

Thérèse Collins, Université Paris Descartes
Pascal Mamassian, Ecole Normale Supérieure
Steven Shevell, University of Chicago