The Black Metropolis, between Past and Future: Race, Urban Planning and African-American Culture in Chicago

International and Multidisciplinary Colloquium
15-18 November 2017

The Black Metropolis, Between Past & Future: Race, Urban Planning, and African-American Culture in Chicago is a three-day, multidisciplinary colloquium in Paris that brings together sociologists, historians, urban anthropologists, and artists to reevaluate the cultural contributions of Chicago’s South and West Sides in defining an African-American identity nationally and internationally.

Wednesday 15 November
7:15pm Science Po Paris - Amphi Jean Moulin

Thursday 16 November
9am - 5:45pm Université Paris Diderot - Amphi Buffon
8pm - 10pm The Université of Chicago Center in Paris

Friday 17 November
9am - 5:45pm Fondation des Etats-Unis
7:30pm Fondation des Etats-Unis

Saturday 18 November
9am - 5:30pm The University of Chicago Center in Paris

Download the programme (PDF).

Please note that registration is mandatory: