Alain Chartier: Politics, Poetics and Authority at the Medieval French Court

International Chartier Society Programme

Alain Chartier: Politics, Poetics and Authority at the Medieval French Court/Alain Chartier : politique, poétique et autorité à la cour de France au Moyen Age

Journée d’Etudes, University of Chicago’s Paris Center, 6, rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris (Located in between the BnF and Paris VII)


Friday, October 12:

13h ‐14h: Arrival, registration and coffee


14h‐15h30: First panel

Daisy Delogu (University of Chicago) Chair

Emma Cayley (University of Exeter) and Hanno Wijsman (IRHT‐CNRS, Paris) ‘A new Chartier fragment: literary and art historical contexts’.

Alice Brown (Université Paris VII – Diderot) ‘Chartier’s interpretation of court dynamics: hypocrisy, ritual and sickness’.

15h30‐15h45: Coffee/tea

15h45h‐17h15: Second panel

Emma Cayley (University of Exeter) - Chair

Marta Marfany (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) ‘Alain Chartier en Catalogne’.

Daisy Delogu (University of Chicago) ‘Representing France in the Quadrilogue invectif

Joan E. McRae (Middle Tennessee State University) ‘A Cautionary Tale of Internet Resources: The Case of La Belle Dame sans mercy’.

17h15-17h30: Break

17h30-18h30: Workshop session (led by Florence Bouchet (Université de Toulouse Le Mirail) with Emma Cayley and Daisy Delogu)

Lectures du Quadrilogue invectif. We invite participants and speakers to focus on this text, and come prepared to discuss Chartier’s techniques, methods, sources and influences (en français ou anglais, ou les deux). We hope that this session will bring together a number of different perspectives in a fruitful discussion.

18h30‐19h30: Reception

Saturday, October 13:

08h30-09h30 – Café/Petit déjeuner

09h30-11h30: Third panel

Daisy Delogu (University of Chicago) - Chair

Liv Robinson (Brasenose College, Oxford) ‘The 1477 Quadrilogue Invectif: Authority, Intertextuality and Print’

Camille Serchuk (Southern Connecticut State University) ‘Seeing Speech: the Representation of Distinctive Voices in Illuminations in the Manuscripts of the work of Alain Chartier’.

Susan Dudash (Fordham University, NY) TBC

11h30-12h30: Round Table (chaired by Emma Cayley and Joan E McRae)

We would like to invite all participants to discuss their current or future research on Chartier, and will also present the International Alain Chartier Society and the Chartier Companion, currently being prepared for Brill. Any future plans for collaborative endeavours may also be brought to this forum.

12h30-14h30: Lunch

14h30: Fin