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Study Abroad excursions bring the College curriculum to life

Enjoy snapshots of faculty-led program outings from Spring 2024

Art History excursion, Spring 2024

Study Abroad program offerings for undergraduate students in Paris during the Spring 2024 quarter include courses that fulfill general education, major, or minor requirements in a range of disciplines within the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences. Faculty-designed excursions promote dynamic engagement beyond the classroom as the city and surroundings become the unofficial “fifth course” of each sequence.

A Sampling of Spring 2024 Excursions in Paris and Beyond

Art History

Immersed in the world of art history! On Thursday, March 28th, our Art History students ventured through the Louvre Museum and Petit Palais under the expert guidance of Professor Martha Ward. From renowned masterpieces to hidden treasures, we’re uncovering the beauty of paintings this spring quarter.


Embarking on an astronomical odyssey with Professors Freedman and Kolb, as our Astronomy students delved into the heart of scientific discovery at CERN! Excited to witness the intersection of astronomy and cutting-edge research firsthand!

Human Rights

Exploring history with purpose! On Friday, March 29th, our Human Rights students explored the profound narratives at Musée de la Libération de Paris with Professor Sparrow. From solemn reflections outside to detailed insights within, every artefact testified to the dedication and resilience of that era.


Turning math into magic in the charming streets of Reims! Our Math students, led by Professor Boller, added a touch of history and flavor to their equation-filled day. From exploring the Cathedral’s architectural wonders to decoding the secrets of champagne-making at G. H. Mumm, every moment was a lesson in adventure.

Russian Civilization

Our Russian Civilization students, guided by Professor Hillis, explored the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris. Through this immersive excursion, they discovered Russia’s diverse peoples and cultures.

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