The Center in Paris provides University of Chicago faculty with opportunities for research and teaching, as well as a facility in which they can organize conferences, colloquia, and other collaborative events.


Chicago faculty can pursue their research at the Center in Paris, which includes a computer lab and a modest library, as well as in the neighboring French National Library.

We invite faculty who are interested in pursuing research or scholarly collaborations at the Center in Paris to apply for research grants and research residency.

Faculty members should include signatures from their respective Department Chair(s) and Divisional Master(s) if fellowship tenure is during a quarter that they are in residence in Chicago.


Neuroscience on the Seine, photo courtesy of Prof. Peggy Mason

Most Chicago faculty members who teach at the Center in Paris do so as a part of one of the many College-sponsored Study Abroad programs. Courses are typically taught in a compressed, three-week sequence, and are complemented by faculty-conceived excursions in and around Paris.