Decolonial and Queer of Color Archiving

Engaging Concealed Pasts

Decolonial and Queer of Color Archiving: Engaging Concealed Pasts
Transnational symposium organized by
the Decolonizing Sexualities Network (DSN)
Wednesday 20 April 2022

This symposium aims to place some current decolonial queer and queer of color archival theories and practices in conversation with each other so as to mutually extend our knowledges and to enhance practices of critical queer archiving wherever located. Some questions the symposium will address are: what constitutes a decolonial or queer of color archive? Who are and what are our archives for? What kind of materials do we desire to archive and why? What might we hesitate to preserve in archives (i.e. anti-queer and anti-trans violence, queer of color suicide, panic or other affects, for example)? What are the material (financial, personnel, etc.) possibilities and limitations for decolonial and queer of color archiving? What epistemic work does this kind of archiving entail? How can queers and allies work together to produce decolonial, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist, queer archives for our times and for futurity?


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