Dancing Beyond Memories

South Caucasian approaches to creative practices

Dancing beyond memories: Armenian cultural heritage & corporeality
South Caucasian approaches to creative practices

Online conference organized by Aline Derderian (Université Rennes 2)
Tuesday 6 April 2021

Replay de la journée

In which measures can visual arts, dance and movement practices be envisioned as social/political tools for dance & performance practitioners in regions such as Armenia, where cultures, aesthetics and institutional programmes are patriarchally led, geographically excentered? Looking at visual arts, dance & performance studies from a decentralized perspective how can the moving body be a material of contest, liberation or a place of celebration for inherited culture? 

This digital conference will be held in English and gather female as well as non-binary identified creatives and scholars from South Caucasus, in diaspora or somehow related to the region with a dance, performance, visual art practice or academic agenda whom for the body is central to their work and who look at interrogating their sexuality, identity, corporeality in mirror to their cultural heritage in order to either transmit, protest, transcend it yet simultaneously acknowledging their singularity and how their roots impacted their artistic journeys. 

In the aim of unveiling unrepresented Armenian and South Caucasian personalities, this project focuses on contemporary art and how the complex, worldwidely majorly undiscussed political, religious, economical histories most oftenly remains a barrier for them to deploy their work locally or internationally.