Center in Paris Faculty Research Grant Projects, 2018-19


Conveners Academic Unit Title Project Type Time Period
Michael Albertus Political Science Land Tenure and Rural Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary France Research Fall 2018
Leora Auslander History The Politics of Food: Integration and nation-building in school cafeterias Colloquium Spring 2019
Robert Bird SLL Deep History in an Age of Revolution Collaborative Project Spring 2019
Robert Chaskin SSA Integration, Exclusion, and the Right to the City in Cross-National Perspective Workshop Fall 2018
Andrew Chien Computer Science Distinctive Regional Characteristics of Computing in Europe Workshop Fall 2018
Chiara Cordelli Political Science International Workshop on Ethics in Economics Colloquium June 2019
Daisy Delogu RLL La Poésie en temps de guerre Colloquium Spring 2019
Christopher Faraone Classics Curses in Context: The Evidence from the Roman Provinces Colloquium September 17-19
Thomas Ginsburg Law School Law School International Immersion Program Theme: The European Union, EU Law and EU Institutions Workshop March 15-31
Alison James RLL Les écritures contemporaines du quotidien/ Writing the Everyday in the Twenty-First Century Collaboration June 6-7
Alan Kolata Anthropology Le Regard écologique - The Ecological Perspective International and Multidisciplinary Symposium Colloquium June 2019
Keith Moffat Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Workshop on Transatlantic Collaborative Scientific Research through the FACCTS Program Workshop February 20-23
Robert Morrissey RLL Representing the World: From the Age of Enlightenment to Marshall Hodgson Colloquium November 8-10
Funmi Olopade Medicine & Center for Global Health Learning from Doctor-Patient Relationship: A Dialogue between Europe and West Africa Collaboration March 2019