Panels and Abstracts

Panel 1: Europe vs. Empire, discussant: Robert Morrissey

  • Celine Spector: “Civilization and Corruption: the Negative Dialectics of Europe during the Enlightenment”
  • Alex Semyonov: “Mirrors of Imperial Imagination in Early Twentieth Century Russian Empire"
  • Stella Ghervas: “Can a European Peace System Be an Antidote to a Continental Empire? The Congress System as an Experiment”
  • Gregor Kokorz: “L'Europe n'existe pas? About the Construction of a European Musical Space”


Panel 2: Memory & Commemoration, discussant: Leora Auslander

  • Berthold Molden: “Mnemonic Hegemony? The Power Relations of Contemporary European Memory”
  • Françoise Lavocat: “Memory of Natural Disasters, Construction and Representation of Europe”
  • Tomasz Łysak: “Artistic Interventions: from Commemorating Post-Holocaust Losses to Carving a Space for Jewish Life in Poland”
  • Roma Sendyka: “Prism: Understanding Non-Sites of Memory”


Panel 3: Society & Urbanity, discussant: Robert Bird

  • Kirill Ospovat: “The Theater of War and Peace: The "Miracle of the House of Brandenburg" and the Poetics of European Absolutism”
  • Peter Bagrov: “Gleams of the West: Distribution and Reception of European Films in Soviet Russia of the 1920s – 1940s”
  • Judit Bodnar: “Shamed by Comparison—Eastern Europe and the 'Rest'”
  • Monika De Frantz: “The Cosmopolitan Politics of Comparative Urbanism: a European Contribution”


Panel 4: Boundaries & Empires, discussant: John Boyer

  • Lucile Dreidemy:  “The Long-Term Impact of Authoritarianism in Post-Dictatorial Europe: A Case Study Based on the Myth Surrounding the Austrian Dictator Engelbert Dollfuss.”
  • Eszter Bartha: Lonely fighters: East German and Hungarian Workers under Postsocialism”
  • Petra Hanáková: “The Seas and Skies of Bohemia: Projections and Inventions of the National Space”
  • Andrey Shcherbak: “Nationalism in the USSR and Yugoslavia: Historical and Comparative Perspectives”


Panel 5: Signs & Systems, discussant: Philip Bohlman

  • Federico Celestini: “Heteroglossia and hybridity in Gustav Mahler's Wunderhorn Symphonies”
  • Agnieszka Rejniak-Majewska: “The Politics of Formalism. Purity, Objectivity, and the Question of the Self”
  • Anouk Cohen: “Formatting the Truth in Morocco: The Transformation of Moraccan Prison Writings into Archives"
  • Joanna Nykiel: Ellipsis Phenomena in American English and Selected European Languages”