About the Center

The University of Chicago’s research and teaching community in Europe is headquartered at the Center in Paris, located on rue Thomas Mann between the French National Library and the newly expanded campus of the University of Paris VII. Faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, parents, alumni and other friends of the University have come to the Center in Paris since its first classes in 2004 to participate in this unique scholarly institution based in Europe.

Currently a dozen graduate students from the University of Chicago work on their doctoral research at the Center, in close communication with the faculty who teach and conduct research there as a part of the Research Residency Program. The Center further houses an undergraduate teaching facility for the more than 200 undergraduates who study here each year. Course offerings are in subjects ranging from the social sciences and humanities to math and the natural and physical sciences.

The University of Chicago’s Center in Paris promotes scholarly collaboration with institutions in both teaching and research, including: the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po); the University of Paris-IV (Sorbonne); the University of Paris-VI (Pierre et Marie Curie); the University of Paris- VII (Diderot); the University of Paris-IX (Dauphine); the University of Paris-X (Nanterre); and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. These connections serve as a foundation for partnerships with other institutions of higher education and research throughout Europe.

The Center in Paris provides a forum for sophisticated exchange, dialogue and collaboration with our European colleagues, welcoming a broad range of the public into its intellectual community. The Center hosts French and American faculty, expanding its connections to centers of excellence throughout Europe. The Center serves as a dynamic location for rigorous and innovative academic programs, conferences, and public events in the context of a cosmopolitan and culturally rich environment.