Faculty Grants

Grants Program for Faculty Interested in Pursuing Research or Scholarly Collaborations
at the University of Chicago Center in Paris

On behalf of the Faculty Steering Committee of the University of Chicago Center in Paris, the College is pleased to invite a new round of proposals for research grants to support faculty research and scholarly collaborations in Paris.

Current Application Deadline: May 1, 2018 (11:59 pm CST).
Applications for projects taking place during the 2018-2019 academic year may be submitted online via the University of Chicago Funding Portal beginning Winter Quarter 2018. See To Apply below. A faculty-wide email announcement will be sent and this page will be updated when the application opens.

Grant Program Overview: This grant program is designed to support University of Chicago faculty and their collaborators who wish to undertake research or organize scholarly activities at the Center in Paris. Projects need not be exclusively based in Paris, though they must have a significant component and/or final presence in Paris and should in some way take advantage of the resources or facilities of the Center. Proposals are solicited for the following types of projects:

  • Collaborative initiatives involving the Center in Paris such as conferences, workshops and symposia to promote the sharing of ideas among scholars and researchers, especially related to European, African, and/or Middle Eastern Studies, broadly conceived. Projects involving colleagues working at the University’s sister Centers in Beijing, Delhi and Hong Kong are also encouraged.
  • Events such as lectures or performances that engage scholars, alumni and the public. N.B. Events, lectures, or performances should in some way take advantage of the resources or facilities of the Center in Paris.
  • Individual research projects that require proximity to local collaborators and/or academic resources. Research proposals are strongly encouraged to have a public component at the Center in Paris, such as a talk or culminating event to provide a public platform for the work done.

Funding Amounts: The maximum grant in this cycle will be (up to) $5,000 for individual research projects and (up to) $10,000 for collaborative initiatives and events.

In the case of collaborative projects and public events, we hope that faculty who receive Center awards will also be able to identify additional sources of funding from other units of the University of Chicago or from other scholarly institutions in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. N.B. Applicants should not simultaneously seek funding from the Center in Paris Academic Director’s Fund.

The Center in Paris also welcomes proposals for faculty initiatives that require no Center funding but would benefit from the use of space and/or logistical support. In this instance, please email Sarah Walter (scw@uchicago.edu) and Dan Bertsche (ddb1@uchicago.edu) with your inquiry.

Eligibility: University of Chicago tenure-track faculty with appointments in the Divisions, the Schools, and the College are eligible to apply. Proposals may originate from teams of collaborators in any discipline, but must be sponsored by at least one person holding a current, tenure-track faculty appointment at the University of Chicago.

Application Guide: We invite interested faculty to submit an online application (see “To Apply” below), which includes the following:

  • Title of project, activity, or event
  • Preferred timing
  • Project abstract (up to 200 words)
  • Names and affiliations of main organizers/participants (from the University and other institutions)
  • Project narrative with a discussion of aims, significance, and rationale (up to 2 pages in pdf format; please see “Evaluation Criteria” below.) The narrative should also describe how the project will benefit from using the Center in Paris.
  • Estimated budget (Please see the Suggested Budget Guidelines page.)
  • A short budget narrative
  • List of other sources of financial support (if applicable)
  • Publicity/outreach plan (in the case of conferences and events)

Evaluation Criteria: The Faculty Steering Committee of the Center in Paris will evaluate proposals with the following criteria in mind:

  • The originality and intellectual significance of the proposed research and the importance of the proposed collaborative approach in addressing the central research question(s);
  • Whether the project advances one or more of the Center in Paris goals of supporting unique research related to Europe, Africa and/or the Middle East, and of advancing collaboration with these regions;
  • The quality of the design of project activities and the likelihood that they will lead to successful realization of the projects intellectual goals;
  • The reasonableness of costs in relation to anticipated results;
  • Whether support from the Center in Paris will make a clear and distinct impact on the project.

Selection and Award Administration: Applications will be evaluated by the Faculty Steering Committee for the Center in Paris at its Spring Quarter meeting. Decisions will be communicated before the end of Spring Quarter. If sufficient funding remains available, a second round of proposals may be invited in the Autumn of 2018. Once projects have been approved and funded, staff at the Center in Paris will provide planning and logistical support.

Projects, workshops, and conferences authorized in the current cycle of grants should normally be completed by December 2019, with a short report due from the event organizer within a month of the event’s completion. This report will assist us with highlighting the event on the Center in Paris website.

To Apply: All applications should be submitted online using the University of Chicago Funding Portal. Once you are logged in to the portal (using your CNetID), choose “View Funding” and navigate to “Center in Paris: Faculty Grant Program” to start your application. Once you have started an application, you will be able access it directly on your dashboard during future visits. Please contact mraja@uchicago.edu if you have any trouble with access to the online application.

Questions: Please contact Sarah Walter (scw@uchicago.edu) or Dan Bertsche (ddb1@uchicago.edu) if you have any questions.

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