The Center in Paris is the University of Chicago's research and teaching arm in Europe, an intellectual community of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students representing our traditionally strong ties to European thought and culture. The Center is located in the 13th arrondissement, between the newly expanded campus of the University of Paris VII and the French National Library.

Nearly half of the undergraduates who travel abroad from the University of Chicago campus study in Paris, in programs that range from the humanities to the social sciences to the natural and physical sciences. A dozen doctoral students are currently in residence at the Center, and faculty visit regularly for research, conferences and teaching.

Latest News and Announcements

Hommage à James Lawler: Journées d'étude sur la poésie française moderne

Colloque co-organisé par le Centre de l’Université de Chicago à Paris et la Direction des Relations Internationales de l’ENS grâce au soutien à l’Université de Chicago du France Chicago Center, de la Humanities Division, du Department of Romance Languages and Literatures et du Visiting Committee of the Humanities Division

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